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Would you like to adopt a dog from Portugal, but are determined to make the right choice and get off to a good start?

There’s a new way to adopt a dog from Portugal. Not just choosing from an online photo, but actually getting to know your future four-legged friend, face to face, in their own country, before you return home together. Does this appeal to you? Then contact me for a no-commitment introductory conversation!

Adopt a dog holiday Portugal

Adopt a Dog Holiday Portugal

My name is Juliette Spierings. I have lived in Central Portugal for over thirty years and am in regular contact with a number of small-scale, reliable dog shelters in the area.

In consultation with you, I will search for the dog that suits your requirements and preferences.

Here in Portugal, you can calmly get to know the dog you selected. At our Quinta da Abelenda, you can enjoy nature together, get to know each other, and prepare yourself and your dog for the upcoming journey and a new beginning in your own home.

During your stay, I will guide you and your dog through all stages of this special process.

Back home in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can utilize a network of specialists who, like me, focus on working with kindness towards both dog and human and can further assist you if desired.
If your home is in Portugal I can further advice you after coming back home.

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How does Adopt a Dog Holiday Portugal work?

Contact me for a non-committal introductory conversation.

Here's how it works:

Finding the right dog for you
  • You will have one or more video calls with me to discover which dog from my area is most suitable for adoption by you.

  • I'll visit this dog (or dogs) and speak with its carers. If you already have a specific dog in mind, I'll visit them to gather more information.

  • If you're absolutely smitten with this dog after I've conveyed all the information I've gathered to you and you've had time to consider, I'll ensure that the dog is reserved for you and that the rabies vaccination, necessary for crossing borders, is given on time.

  • If you prefer to choose the dog yourself when you're here, and you don’t live in Portugal, bear in mind that it may not be possible to take the dog across the border within three weeks due to the mandatory rabies vaccination.
Your stay in Portugal with your dog
  • You book a flight to Portugal, including a spot for your dog on the return journey, or you prepare for your trip by car.

  • Through me, you book a period in our vacation home Casa da Abelenda or another suitable accommodation nearby. It's also possible to come with a camper or to camp.

  • Once you're here, we'll go together to pick up your dog and ensure that the passport, vaccinations, and health certificate are in order for the return journey.

  • The cottage is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and safe stay for both you and your dog. There are also several books available that are useful for you and your dog.

  • There's a fenced play area where you can spend time. From the Quinta, you can also enjoy many peaceful walks.

  • Every day you stay here at Quinta da Abelenda, we'll stay in touch and I'll provide guidance to you and your dog as needed.
Heading Home
  • Items you need for the journey and possibly for home, such as a safety harness and transport box, can be purchased from me at regular retail prices by arrangement.

  • I'll provide you with all sorts of information that you can also use back home. Additionally, I'll point you to specialists in your area who, like me, work kindly with both dogs and humans and have expertise in foreign dogs.

  • And then I wish you a safe journey and lots of happiness and fun together.

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Who am I

Piet and I (Juliette) moved to this neighbourhood in Central Portugal in 1986, and continue to take great pleasure in living here. Over the years, like many others, we have welcomed various stray dogs into our family. Currently, Cazimir and Nya live with us.

Juliette, Caz Over the past 10 years, I have been dedicated to helping stray dogs in the area. I have co-founded two Portuguese foundations for the rescue and adoption of stray dogs and have personally taken in and successfully matched many dogs with adopters in Portugal, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

In order to train these dogs better, I completed the "Certified Professional Dog Trainer" qualification, successfully passing all the required theoretical modules.

The subsequent training I received and completed in 2024 was "Specialist in Adoption Dogs". This was a perfect fit for the work I do for and with adoption dogs. I learned to observe dogs and recognize their emotions and character and I also learned to listen carefully to the would-be adopters. The environment in which the dog will following its adoption also plays a role in how well the adoption goes. This training has been a major help to me in achieving even better matches for both dog and adopter.

My idea for Adopt a Dog Holiday stems directly from the "Specialist in Adoption Dogs" training. The opportunity for would-be owners to personally select the adopted dog in Portugal, prepare it for the journey, and then take it home themselves is the best possible start for both dog and adopter.

Through this training, I have also connected with many other specialists and built a network that adopters can utilize if desired.

A good start is crucial in adoption, and my goal is for both the dog and the human to be as happy as possible together.

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  • Travel and accommodation costs are to be covered by you, without my intervention. For accommodation costs here at Quinta da Abelenda, please refer to our page » Prices Casa da Abelenda

  • Adoption fees vary from free to around 100 euros and go directly to the respective organization.

  • Veterinary expenses, such as vaccinations and passports, are your responsibility, unless the shelter from which the dog comes covers certain costs. Please note that veterinarians here in Portugal are much cheaper than in the Netherlands or Belgium.

  • All dog accessories that you take home from here are at your own expense.

  • For the selection of the dog(s), I charge 50 euros. For my on-site guidance, I charge 25 euros per day of your stay. These amounts go to good (dog-related) causes in my area.

  • If I need to use my own car during your stay, I ask for a travel reimbursement of €0.30 / km.

  • Donations are greatly appreciated, both for the organization from which the dog comes and for replenishing and replacing the equipment here in the holiday home and at the Quinta that the dog and adopter can use.

Adopt a dog holiday Portugal


Juliette, Caz, Nya Juliette Spierings

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3440-612 Vimieiro, Santa Comba Dão

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  • The way that a dog behaves in its own environment may not necessarily reflect the way it will behave in a new environment. This is something you should consider. I cannot take responsibility for any adjustment problems you may experience in your home. However, I can refer you to professionals who can assist you if needed.

  • I cannot take responsibility for any health problems that arise after adoption and were not diagnosed prior to adoption. Naturally, you are free to have the dog examined by a vet at your own expense for diseases that may occur in our region.

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