Ecopista do Dão

Cycling on the Ecopista do Dão

Ecopista do Dão, Cycling and Bicycle Rental

The Ecopista do Dão

Ecopista do Dão

Probably the most beautiful Ecopista in Portugal.

Quinta da Abelenda borders the Ecopista do Dão, the beautiful cycle path from Santa Comba Dão to Viseu. Because it used to be a railway line, it is very easy to cycle.
With its 49 km it is not only the longest Ecopista, but probably also the most beautiful Ecopista in Portugal.

It's 47 km by bike from Quinta da Abelenda to Viseu and 2 km to the Santa Comba Dão train station, where the Ecopista starts.

Bridge Ecopista do Dão

No difficult climbing, the maximum slope is about 1.5%.

From Quinta da Abelenda to Viseu is a slowly uphill, but very easy to cycle, generally the inclination is less then 1%.
The first 15km you cycle along the banks of the Rio Dão and Rio Pavia, passing forest and a few vineyards and later also cultivated lands, until Viseu.
A beautiful landscape and no annoying motorways along the cycle path.

Cycling the Ecopista do Dão

Cycling in whole or in part

If you don't want to cycle the entire route, you can, for example, cycle to Tondela, 19 km away, have a lunch or drink there and then return.
Or just to the beautiful river beach of Nagozela, only 7 km away.

Ecopista do Dão

Abelenda Bike Rental

Bicycle Rental

Abelenda Bike Rental Abelenda Bike Rental is part of Quinta da Abelenda and is run by a Dutch couple. They have a wide range of bicycles, from mountain bikes to different types of touring bicycles and child bikes.
Good quality and maintenance.

First transfer to Viseu, then back by bike
- 47 km slowly descending

Slowly descending the Ecopista do Dão with transfer The most beautiful and popular bike tour is the one with transfer from Abelenda Bike Rental to Viseu and then cycling back to Quinta da Abelenda, 47 km slowly descending.
Along the way there are 3 restaurants right on the bike path and the already mentioned river beach of Nagozela. It's generally very quiet cycling.