The Waterfall Walk

The Waterfall Walk

Walk to the Quedas de Água das Paredes

Along many small waterfalls to the incredibly beautiful one that is 30 meters high.

The Waterfall Walk Quedas de Água das Paredes The walk Quedas de Água das Paredes, the Waterfalls Walk, follows the banks of the Ribeira de Moinhos, the stream with the mills. It's a 30-minute drive to the starting point by car.
You'll walk past numerous waterfalls, ranging from one to several meters high. Some of these waterfalls had their water diverted to power mills, used in earlier times by the local population for agricultural purposes, mostly for grinding cornmeal.
Just before the waterfalls, the stream is often deeper and wider, making it suitable for swimming.
The banks are quite steep, with beautiful rock formations and forests..
It's a 3 km walk in and 3 km back.

One of the many waterfalls of the Quedas de Água das Paredes walk Halfway through the walk you'll pass through the small village of Aldeia de Paredes, where time seems to have stood still. After the village you continue the walk along the stream. At one point, you can choose between the left and right bank. The left bank is a wide unpaived road and much easier to walk than the right.

At the end, you'll be rewarded with the most beautiful waterfall, standing at a height of 30 meters.

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The Waterfall Walk One of the many waterfalls of the Quedas de Água das Paredes walk

Waterfall Quedas de Água das Paredes